Q : How Do I Determine My Size? 

A : Review the size chart. When taking measurements for the waist measure at top of your  belly button. For the hips measurement measure at the top of your hips. Other things to consider, what you will most use your shaper for, what procedure you may be having, how you will wear your shaper, and if you need a bra attachment. If you will use it for everyday wear and want it to be most undetectable shop the styles without a bra attachment. If you need support for your breasts as well look at the shapers that has a bra attached. We want the product to be as functional as possible for you. 

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Q : How Does This Product Fit?

A : You may think you've ordered the wrong size at first due to how tight it is initially. The rule of thumb is if it is easy to put on it is not truly compressing you. Look for the tightness, expect it to be tight, and enjoy your hourglass figure. The bodysuit will loosen up with continued use and you may shrink in your midsection. It is good to get a new one every 3-6 months. Once you are able to easily latch onto the third row of hooks it is time to go down a size. 

Q : How Should This Product Be Worn?

A : When wearing a body shaper in hopes to obtain lasting results it is imperative that you have a regimen in place along with wearing the shaper. Drink plenty of water and stay active. We want a snatched waist period so combine our products with a little exercise or detox to be blown away. 

If for any reason you still have questions or concerns about Waist Bandit you may reach us support@shopwaistbandit.com